Help, I need a very small PS/2-style keyboard

From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 19:59:47 2004

    A friend of mine has a miniscule PS/2 keyboard. It was about $30 on
pricewatch. I've sent him some email, asking what the model number is.
Meanwhile, I would suggest checking and Cyberguys have a lot of goodies, most at
semi-reasonable prices.


Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter wrote:

>Just what the subject line says... I'm looking for the smallest possible
>(working) PS/2-style keyboard that exists... all the junk at my local CompUSA
>is either USB, or has function keys and trackballs and infrared, etc.... I
>don't want any of that stuff.
>Can anyone help me?
> - Evan K.
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