Onyx C8000: good news and bad news as well

From: Dan Cohoe <dancohoe_at_oxford.net>
Date: Wed Sep 15 20:18:35 2004

> Now the bad news:
> The IMI 7020 hard drive is dead and cannot be fixed:
> The damn coil of the motor causes a short circuit :(
> That's why the power supply turns off when the disk drive is
> attached...
> Even if somebody had a replacement motor (24V) , who could
> probably ajust the platters and the heads to find track 0 ??
> I've never seen another IMI drive, they seem pretty special,
> with their connectors and all.
> Ok, anyway, I'll concentrate in bringing the machine back to
> life without a hard drive but I haven't been very lucky yet.

I happened to find one of these (Onyx C8000) this past weekend and there was
an extra IMI drive with it.

Of course I've not had time to do any checking of it, but possibly both
drives are good, ... or neither are.. . At any rate, I'll see what I can do
about checking it out.

I have no Onyx information and may need advice on what to hook up to try to
get it powered up.

regards, Dan Cohoe

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