Intellec power cord

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 21:28:53 2004

>> Jack,
>> Thanks for the info on the power cords. I looked up the two cords and they
>> both look very close. I will contact Newark on Monday to verify the
>> between pins. The 17952 has a note that states it is made with non-standard
>> polarization. Do you or anyone else on cctech know how I can tell if it's
>> the correct polarity for the Intellec? The 17280's notes state that the
>> polarity is as mandated by CSA electrical bulletin 895b. Anyone know what
>> means? I'd hate to plug in the cord and fry my machine.
>I think this has to do with which of the outside pins is live ('hot') and
>which is neutral. Getting it wrong won't fry the machine, but it might
>fry you if there's an electrical fault (the fuse should always be in the
>live side of the mains, as should any single-pole switches).
>What you need to do is open up the Intellec and see which pin on the
>chassis-mounted mains plug goes to the fuseholder. I think the switch
>comes after the fuse in these machines, but my Intellec, an MCS8i, is
>non-standard in that I replaced the input connector with a IEC 'kettle
>plug' type of connector, and also I have a non-standard power switch
>(replaced by a previous owner).
>Then you need to see which of the 2 available cables puts the fuse on the
>live side.

 When you check this, also check to see that ur wall socket is
wired correctly. You'd be surprised how many are not right.
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