Site Privacy issues

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 21:07:57 2004


Yeah, I knew I would catch some grief over that from the anti-
cookie folks. Like I said, the site was originally for a group
of about 5 or 6 guys who were working together and it was a
somewhat private site, where instead of setting up a user id
and password, I just asked their name and then dropped a cookie
containing their name so they wouldn't have to login every time
they wanted to visit the site. Once they identified themselves,
the cookie was there and they were no longer asked to identify
themselves. We used to have a somewhat personal "diary" of
recollections, but that's not on the site any more.

If I'm going to make it more "public", I'll remove the "who are
you" box and the cookie and just let it be a plain old public
web site.


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> On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Ashley Carder wrote:
> > Also, I know that the "identify yourself" page is probably annoying, but
> > this
> > was my tracking mechanism for keeping track of my buddies using the web
> > site.
> That may be well and good, but I found it intrusive. And a
> beat later,
> your site tried to set a cookie; I dumped it immediately and won't be
> back.
> I do understand perfectly that your's is an innocuous, semi-private
> site, and making the info available to the Legacy Computing community is
> quite laudable - but I'm pretty old-school when it comes to registering
> for things, and I have cookies turned off permanently, only a very few
> sites that I absolutely must visit (for business reasons) get to set a
> goddamn 'cookie', and these get deleted immediately afterward. It's not
> the thing itself, it's the (curmudgeonly) principle of it.
> It's in the same ballpark as stupid newspapers wanting me to
> register to
> read thier on-line content. I choose not to read, in that case.
> Cheers
> "Grumpy-as-Fred" John
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