Please Help Identify Mystery ISA Card

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 03:35:23 2004

I haven't seen one of those in years... i'm pretty sure it's a controller
card for a maynstream external tape drive (least the last one I saw was
hooked up to a maynard tape drive)

At 01:18 AM 9/16/2004, you wrote:
>I just recently purchased an old Toshiba T5200/100 Laptop at a thrift
>store. One of the cards installed in it was an old 8-bit device of
>some sort.
>First of all, here are pictures of the card in question.
>Can anyone here help me identify what this card is, and more
>importantly, where I can download MS-DOS drivers for it?
>It is from Maynard Electronics, 1988. The large socketed chip says:
>00-08 9031
>Other markings state: Type II Controller, and Rev. -5
>The FCC ID number is D8I6I2 60201.
>Just taking a wild guess, I suspect that this is some sort of SCSI
>Controller. However, I could not find it in the TH99 archives. The
>only match for Maynard on Driverguide is for a 16-Bit SCSI driver from
>Seagate. Also, I could not find any info on Seagate's site either.
>So, anyone here have any info on this card and possibly know where to
>get drivers for it?
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