Site Privacy issues

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 03:42:52 2004

John Lawson wrote:

> I do understand perfectly that your's is an innocuous, semi-private
> site, and making the info available to the Legacy Computing community is
> quite laudable - but I'm pretty old-school when it comes to registering
> for things, and I have cookies turned off permanently, only a very few
> sites that I absolutely must visit (for business reasons) get to set a
> goddamn 'cookie', and these get deleted immediately afterward. It's not
> the thing itself, it's the (curmudgeonly) principle of it.

I just can't understand the thinking behind that. Do you take all the
back-up batteries out of your PCs, so you can set up the BIOS from
scratch every time? Do you leave the unswitched 12v line disconnected
on your car stereo so it resets all the stations to 88.1MHz when you
turn the ignition off?

Seriously, what's the big problem with cookies?

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