Wanted (To Buy Or Trade) Laptop RAM and Laptop hard Drive

From: Scarletdown <gsutton9503_at_wavecable.com>
Date: Thu Sep 16 04:43:04 2004

Anyone here got a spare laptop hard drive (2-4GB) and / or a pair of
16MB 72-Pin Laptop DIMMs they might be willing to sell or trade away?

I have an old TI Extensa 450 that I've been tinkering with, set up with
both Damn Small Linux and Doss 6.22/WfW 3.11. Since she is dual boot,
drive space is getting pretty tight (540MB hard drive, with 150MB of
that dedicated to DOS, 64MB for the Linux swap partition, and the rest
a single Linux ext2 partition). I really need to get a larger hard
drive. I tend to avoid shopping eBay for computer parts, primarily
because most sellers for this stuff like to severely gouge on shipping.
And, I have not been able to find what I need locally.

As for the RAM, I definitely need a pair of 72-Pin 16MB laptop DIMMs,
which would max out the system's memory. She currently only has 12MB,
in the form of an 8MB and a 4MB DIMM.

So, if anyone has any of these items available for a reasonable price,
please send an email my way. I am also willing to do some trading
instead. Currently, I have available for trade, a Databook PCMCIA card
reader. It has 2 16 Bit card slots, fits in a 3.5" drive bay, and
comes with its 16-Bit ISA controller card and controller cable. I know
I can probably dig up other old computer bits to trade off as well. I
can also trade a couple of Google GMail invites.
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