HP Printers

From: Jim Isbell <millenniumfalcon_at_cableone.net>
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:39:31 2004

OOps, I forgot to change the subject line on that last post.ead of "
Atari Unix " it should have been HP Printers. So here it is again
under the proper subject. I was in too much of a hurry and used an old
message to modify but failed to modify it completely.

Jim Isbell wrote:

> I am trying to resurect some ancient HP laserjets. Two Laserjet II's
> and one Laserjet 4v. Prior to failure they were all three running
> fine and giving nice output. Then each just stoped and began to give
> the same error message, "50 Service". Just what does this mean? Is
> it a counter that has to be reset or is there really something wrong
> with them. If the latter I am going to pull the ink cartridges and
> set them out by the curb. If the former, can someone shed some light
> on the correct procedure to get them going again.
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