Any Honeywell fans?

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:45:25 2004

At a recent hamfest I picked up two sets of
what appears to be Honeywell training material.
Each set consists of a slide projector tray,
cassette tapes, and a manual all in a
fold-open case.

The first set is labeled "Digital Computers
and Software" and is dated 1979. It has
80 slides in the tray and comes with two
cassette tapes and a booklet.

The second set is labeled "Delta 1000
Control Interpreter Language" and is dated
1980. There are 46 slides in the tray and
there is one cassette tape, along with
a booklet.

All of this stuff is marked "Honeywell

I'm generally much more interested in HP stuff,
but this looked unusual enough to pick up.

Contact me off-list if you'd like more information.


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