RSTS/E Question

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:43:01 2004

>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Lafleur <> writes:

>> Correct. V9 and later, because V9 is when integrated support for
>> command
 Bob> files appeared.

 Bob> It would be possible to modify and recompiel LOGIN.BAS to add
 Bob> this feature in V7. Our installation had this done, so that if
 Bob> you had a file "HELLO.BAS" or "HELLO.BAC" it would run it.

Sure. Or chain to atpk if a login.cmd file exists. Or any number of
tricks like that.

All of that would be local customization. And the various command
file hacks were just that -- hacks, not particularly elegant, useful,
or reliable, until the whole job was put into the kernel and DCL which
happened in V9.0.

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