RSTS/E Question

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:46:10 2004

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:

 Ron> Well, it's V7.. What I wanted to do is setup terminals. I
 Ron> probably should do that in tty.cmd huh. The thing is that I
 Ron> don't know how many KBn: I have and in TTY.CMD you have to put:


 Ron> In a real PDP11 you would have actual terminals/ttys connected
 Ron> to physical serial ports. In my case I have Telnet
 Ron> sessions..but I don't know how many I can have.. I suppose one
 Ron> for each job (20 or so?) or does the DZ11 limit the number of
 Ron> KBn: s I can have?

It sure does. If it's a DZ (whether real, or emulated one tied to a
Telnet session at the emulator) it by definition has 8 ports.

If you want 20 sessions, and they are hooked to DZs, then you'd have
to have at least 3 DZs...

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