Nigerian scams

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Date: Thu Sep 16 14:03:45 2004

This is a new variation of a scam. I have gotten two on my posting of my HP
110 outfit on the HP Museum classified ads that I mentioned earlier.

Both wanted me to name a price, they did not care what it was. One wanted to
send me a certified check for over the amount with me rebating them the
overage. This is the letter I mentioned on the list.

The other wanted to buy anything else I had and would pay me with a credit
card. All they were going to provide was the credit card number and the
expriation date. There was a strong implication they would pay an inflated price. It
was an open invitation to Fraud and I reported it to Yahoo where the offer came

It was interesting that they would make arrangements for the equipment to be
picked up.

A news story on the local TV told a story of a T Shirt company that got an
offer similar to purchase the 9000 T shirts and paid with two credit cards. One
went through but the other bounced and the owner of the business found out it
was fraud before he shipped it, overseas.

However. The people that ordered, when they did not get their T-Shirts,
threatened violence against the owner if he did not ship, several times.

I think it best not to respond to such offers, and report them to their
apparent (but usually not real) source.

I think it is important to report all Fraud to the internet providors.


PS I was concerned that I got two fraud offers directly related to my posting
of the HP110 on the HP Museum Classified ads. It shows that thre are many
people out there trolling collectable computer and calculator sales with the
intent to defraud.
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