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From: Jim Isbell <millenniumfalcon_at_cableone.net>
Date: Thu Sep 16 14:05:14 2004

Thanks, that is just what I was suspecting. But since I get my printers
from the thrift shop for $5-$10 its hardly worth replacing a power
supply. I will just wait until the next one comes along. And, I think
I have at least three more down in the basement so I will try a few
more. Maybe swap a power supply from one that has some other problem.
 If they all give 50 SERVICE error then I will just save the ink and
wait until another one pops up at the thrift shop. At $5- $10 each,
they are always worth that to get the half full ink cartridge out of them.

Frank McConnell wrote:

>Jim Isbell wrote:
>>Thanks, it helps in that it tells me where the problem may be...power
>>supply. But the 20 second off cycle didn't help so now I think its
>>time to chuck 'em.
>For the LaserJet Series II, "50 SERVICE" is likely to be the power
>supply. It's less likely to be the fusing station. The power supply
>would be about $30-$70 for a replacement part, which is not that hard
>to replace yourself if you can work a screwdriver. Webby URLs to
>check for more information include <http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/>
>and <http://www.printerworks.com/>.
>For my money, replacing the power supply and keeping a 15-year-old HP
>printer gives me more warm fuzzies than buying inkjet cartridges from
>today's HP. And I like the control panel on the LaserJet II a lot
>better than what passes for one on the LaserJet 2100 at the office;
>for example, I can tell whether the LaserJet II is online and whether
>it has something in its buffer.
>Could you please trim excessive quoted text in your e-mail replies?
>-Frank McConnell
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