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From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 14:55:23 2004

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> >>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:
> Ron> Well, it's V7.. What I wanted to do is setup terminals. I
> Ron> probably should do that in tty.cmd huh. The thing is that I
> Ron> don't know how many KBn: I have and in TTY.CMD you have to put:
> Ron> INPUT
> Ron> In a real PDP11 you would have actual terminals/ttys connected
> Ron> to physical serial ports. In my case I have Telnet
> Ron> sessions..but I don't know how many I can have.. I suppose one
> Ron> for each job (20 or so?) or does the DZ11 limit the number of
> Ron> KBn: s I can have?
> It sure does. If it's a DZ (whether real, or emulated one tied to a
> Telnet session at the emulator) it by definition has 8 ports.
> If you want 20 sessions, and they are hooked to DZs, then you'd have
> to have at least 3 DZs...
> paul


On my system, which you have been using, I addressed all these issues at
SYSGEN time. I decided how many terminals I wanted to have, not counting
the console, which isn't attached to the DZ11 multiplexer. I configured for
(I think) two DZ11s, so I can have 16 KBs plus the console (KB0:). I also
set up two pseudo keyboards (PK1:, PK2:), since I used to play with writing
programs for those back in the 1970s. Pseudo-keyboards can run things
without being attached to a physical terminal on a DZ11 port. Kind of like
running a detached job, but not really.

The telnet sessions are tied directly to the DZ11 connections. In the
each new telnet session takes the next available DZ11 KB number.

Once you've configured your system and it's SYSGENed, you can go into the
TTY.CMD file to define the terminal characteristics for each "terminal". I
on my simh internet telnet version, I had to set them up with the RING
so it would behave like a dial up connection did back in the old days

When I moved my simulated system's disk image to my real PDP-11 system
with REAL DZ11s, I removed the RING parameter and configured the
TTY.CMD file to match the physical devices that were wired with a serial
cable or 20mA current loop connection to the DZ11. If KB3: was an ASR-33,
I'd have to set the baud rate, etc. in the TTY.CMD to be correct for my
teletype. Same for the VT52 and LA36 terminals. I didn't worry about this
in the simh version because they could all be configured to be VT100s or
VT52s, as long as the telnet users were using VT100 or VT52 emulation.

Does this all make sense?

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