RSTS/E Question

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 18:05:15 2004

On Sep 16, 2004, at 12:55 PM, Ashley Carder wrote:

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>>>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:
>> Ron> Well, it's V7.. What I wanted to do is setup terminals. I
>> Ron> probably should do that in tty.cmd huh. The thing is that I
>> Ron> don't know how many KBn: I have and in TTY.CMD you have to put:
>> Ron> INPUT
>> Ron> In a real PDP11 you would have actual terminals/ttys connected
>> Ron> to physical serial ports. In my case I have Telnet
>> Ron> sessions..but I don't know how many I can have.. I suppose one
>> Ron> for each job (20 or so?) or does the DZ11 limit the number of
>> Ron> KBn: s I can have?
>> It sure does. If it's a DZ (whether real, or emulated one tied to a
>> Telnet session at the emulator) it by definition has 8 ports.
>> If you want 20 sessions, and they are hooked to DZs, then you'd have
>> to have at least 3 DZs...
>> paul
> Ron,
> On my system, which you have been using, I addressed all these issues
> at
> SYSGEN time. I decided how many terminals I wanted to have, not
> counting
> the console, which isn't attached to the DZ11 multiplexer. I
> configured for
> (I think) two DZ11s, so I can have 16 KBs plus the console (KB0:). I
> also
> set up two pseudo keyboards (PK1:, PK2:), since I used to play with
> writing
> programs for those back in the 1970s. Pseudo-keyboards can run things
> without being attached to a physical terminal on a DZ11 port. Kind of
> like
> running a detached job, but not really.
> The telnet sessions are tied directly to the DZ11 connections. In the
> simulator,
> each new telnet session takes the next available DZ11 KB number.
> Once you've configured your system and it's SYSGENed, you can go into
> the
> TTY.CMD file to define the terminal characteristics for each
> "terminal". I
> think
> on my simh internet telnet version, I had to set them up with the RING
> parameter
> so it would behave like a dial up connection did back in the old days
> (1970s).
> When I moved my simulated system's disk image to my real PDP-11 system
> with REAL DZ11s, I removed the RING parameter and configured the
> TTY.CMD file to match the physical devices that were wired with a
> serial
> cable or 20mA current loop connection to the DZ11. If KB3: was an
> ASR-33,
> I'd have to set the baud rate, etc. in the TTY.CMD to be correct for my
> teletype. Same for the VT52 and LA36 terminals. I didn't worry about
> this
> in the simh version because they could all be configured to be VT100s
> or
> VT52s, as long as the telnet users were using VT100 or VT52 emulation.
> Does this all make sense?
> Ashley

Yes, this and the confirmation that I have 32 KBn:s So I need to make
in my TTY.CMD to set scope on all 32. I only have a small hand full of
to telnet in with, but each of those can telnet in more than once...

whoo real multi-user... feel the "comunity" :^)

Now if I can only get teco and tty.cmd to cooperate... (see "A
different rsts question")

Thanks for all the help, All of you. Very much.
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