Nigerian scams

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 15:56:56 2004

>I think it is important to report all Fraud to the internet providors.

 I get maybe 4 to 6 of these offers a week. It'd take a while to
track down the real provider and send them the info.

>PS I was concerned that I got two fraud offers directly related to my posting
>of the HP110 on the HP Museum Classified ads. It shows that thre are many
>people out there trolling collectable computer and calculator sales with the
>intent to defraud.

 They track any place that sells things, any place. There
is nothing special about your adds compare to anyone else's.
They are just looking for fresh territory. Hoping that that
particular group is not yet wise to the scams. The smaller the
market group the better their chances.
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