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> Jim Isbell wrote:
> > Thanks, it helps in that it tells me where the problem may be...power
> > supply. But the 20 second off cycle didn't help so now I think its
> > time to chuck 'em.
> For the LaserJet Series II, "50 SERVICE" is likely to be the power
> supply. It's less likely to be the fusing station. The power supply
> would be about $30-$70 for a replacement part, which is not that hard
> to replace yourself if you can work a screwdriver. Webby URLs to
> check for more information include <http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/>
> and <http://www.printerworks.com/>.
> For my money, replacing the power supply and keeping a 15-year-old HP
> printer gives me more warm fuzzies than buying inkjet cartridges from
> today's HP. And I like the control panel on the LaserJet II a lot
> better than what passes for one on the LaserJet 2100 at the office;
> for example, I can tell whether the LaserJet II is online and whether
> it has something in its buffer.
> Could you please trim excessive quoted text in your e-mail replies?
> -Frank McConnell

I don't know if this helps but years ago my Epson Actionlaser 1500 gave me a
service request E0xxx message on boot that would not clear. At the time I
didn't want to toss the printer because it had a nice printout when working
and was upgraded to 5mb of ram so I just set it aside and purchased a NEC
Superscript 870. A few months later I took it apart to see what was up. The
only thing I found to be out of the ordinary was the resistance on the fuser
bulb, so I took the bulb out and found that the bulb was fine. The ends were
copper and oxidized a bit over the years at the connectors so I cleaned them
off with a dremel tool and a polishing head and put it back together worked
good as new. So if you have a multimeter find out what the resistance of the
bulb should be from the wattage & voltage spec (ohms law) and see if the
bulb is burned out or just needs the ends cleaned for better contact (is the
room humid maybe?).

Hope this helps
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