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Date: Thu Sep 16 18:00:59 2004

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> Sounds worth a look. I have now tested 4 of the 5 Laserjet IIs I had and
> three give the 50 report, one works and one is buried under so much junk
> I cant yet get to it. The LJ-3 is just plain dead and the LJ-4 also has
> the 50 error. But now that I have one running the 5 bad units are going
> out to the curb on saturday (after I check the fuser bulb idea you
> suggested). One day I will check out that last LJ-2....when this one
> goes out. I kind of hope the bulbs are NOT the problem, I need the
> space in the garage....#8-)

You can always give them away, very few printers are made like the early HP
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