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From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 07:24:14 2004


<<Snipping out a long, yet thoughtful piece on cookies and browsers>>

A good post, only two comments....

>>> It's not a fantastic way of doing it, but
>>> it's the "least worst" in the absence of properly stateful
>>> connections.

I disagree with the use of "properly" in the above. There are many
advantages to a stateless sitution [e.g. scability and state management].
IMHO one of the serious problems out there are sites that impose state when
none is really required.

>>> You may also wish to try a browser like
>>> Firefox, which lets you allow or deny cookies on a
>>> site-by-site basis.

Without getting into the whole "browser discussion", IE 6.0 also allows
cookie selection on a site by site basis. Perchance not as completely as
FireFox (or others) but a vast improvement over previous versions.

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