Site Privacy issues

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 15:29:50 2004

David V. Corbin wrote:

> I disagree with the use of "properly" in the above. There are many
> advantages to a stateless sitution [e.g. scability and state management].
> IMHO one of the serious problems out there are sites that impose state when
> none is really required.

It would be nice if there was a clean way to do it that didn't spook
people the way that cookies seem to. It's funny that out of the many
thousands of RFCs, none of them seem to describe such a thing.

> Without getting into the whole "browser discussion", IE 6.0 also allows
> cookie selection on a site by site basis. Perchance not as completely as
> FireFox (or others) but a vast improvement over previous versions.

Yes, but I'd need to find a copy of Windows, and go through all the
hassle of finding Windows drivers for my hardware, which may or may not
be supported, and then figure out how to use it, and it all turns into
a one massive $bodypart-ache.

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