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Date: Fri Sep 17 15:05:18 2004


If you need the docs for the UC08, let me know off list.


On Friday 17 September 2004 12:53, Ed Kelleher wrote:
> Just got an Emulex UC08 SCSI <--> QBus.
> Has the S handles on it and all I have is BA23.
> So, I'm waiting for drill to charge so I can drill out the 4 rivets that
> hold on the S handle stuff.
> Not having any experience with SCSI, I have a question.
> Could I use a BA356, with 8 bit personality module, with RZ29B-VW 4gb
> drives, with the UC08?
> From what I can find, the drives are 50 pin, wide SCSI, but I'm guessing
> that's what the personality module would handle.
> The UC08 has 2 HPDB50M connectors.
> It has 2 SCSI ports, typically one TMSCP, the other MSCP.
> If the BA356 and those drives should work, anyone know what the connector
> is on the BA356 going to the host adaptor?
> Ed K.

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