From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 15:17:31 2004

> Just got an Emulex UC08 SCSI <--> QBus.
> Has the S handles on it and all I have is BA23.
> So, I'm waiting for drill to charge so I can drill out the 4 rivets that
> hold on the S handle stuff.
> Not having any experience with SCSI, I have a question.
> Could I use a BA356, with 8 bit personality module, with RZ29B-VW 4gb
> drives, with the UC08?
> From what I can find, the drives are 50 pin, wide SCSI, but I'm guessing
> that's what the personality module would handle.
> The UC08 has 2 HPDB50M connectors.
> It has 2 SCSI ports, typically one TMSCP, the other MSCP.
> If the BA356 and those drives should work, anyone know what the connector
> is on the BA356 going to the host adaptor?

It seems a bit of a waste to hook it up, but if you only have a narrow
personality module anyway... As for if it will work, all I can really say
is that it *should*. Having said that at one point I attempted to attach a
BA353 or BA350 (don't remember which) to my PDP-11/73 using a Viking QDT
controller, and was unable to get it to work. For some strange reason it
didn't seem to like DEC SCSI HD's but likes IBM or Seagate SCSI drives (and
the a DEC RRD-42 CD-ROM).

BTW, the drives in the canisters should either be 68-pin or 80-pin (if
80-pin they're SCA drives). The 8-bit personality module knocks them down
to 50-pin narrow.

Best answer, try it and see what happens. What you don't want to mix is
High Voltage Differential with either Single Ended or Low Voltage

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