Salvaging HP Laser Jet series II

From: Jim Isbell <>
Date: Sat Sep 18 14:19:42 2004

Well, with the help from members of this list I finally got one Series
II running and one not tested but saved back and two that were FUBAR.
 So, because I cannot bear to throw anything away all at once, kind of
like the story of the three legged pig, i decided to scavenge what I
could of the two Series II before pitching them. I just pitched the
Series I, the 3, and the 4.

I saved anything that had a wire connected to it and put all the
plastic, sheet metal and gear trains into the trash on the theory that
the gear trains looked tough enough to not be a failure point. I saved
about half the weight and half the storage space.

The fuser bulbs looked to be in good shape so I don't think they were
the cause of the "50 Service" error I was getting. At least the
filaments were not broken. I am assuming that this is like a halogen
bulb and you don't want to touch the glass surface of the bulb.

Is there a recommended cleaning procedure???

Too bad the fans are 24 volt not 115 volt. I could have used some 115
volt fans for my Kilowatt Linear I am building.

Are there any parts I missed? Are there some parts I should have dumped?
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