Salvaging HP Laser Jet series II

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Sep 18 23:38:24 2004

> Well, with the help from members of this list I finally got one Series
> II running and one not tested but saved back and two that were FUBAR.
> So, because I cannot bear to throw anything away all at once, kind of
> like the story of the three legged pig, i decided to scavenge what I
> could of the two Series II before pitching them. I just pitched the
> Series I, the 3, and the 4.

Well, you certainly should have kept some parts from the series 1 --
they're getting very hard to find (heck, even toner cartridges for the CX
are getting hard to find) and there are machines that depend on them. In
particular, the DC controller board, scanner assembly, fuser parts, etc.

And amny of the parts in the 3 are the same as in the 2 (SX engine). So
if you stipped the 2's, you should probably have done the same with the 3

> I saved anything that had a wire connected to it and put all the
> plastic, sheet metal and gear trains into the trash on the theory that
> the gear trains looked tough enough to not be a failure point. I saved

The mechanical side is solid on these machines. The only common
mechancial failure points are the pickup rollers and the fuser roller.
The former fails to grip the paper, the latter gets scored. Oh, sometimes
geats in the fuser shed their teeth...

However, mechanical parts tend to be available and cheap-ish. Unlike
electronic parts where you can only get complete PCBs officially. So you
should save the electronics first.

> about half the weight and half the storage space.
> The fuser bulbs looked to be in good shape so I don't think they were
> the cause of the "50 Service" error I was getting. At least the
> filaments were not broken. I am assuming that this is like a halogen
> bulb and you don't want to touch the glass surface of the bulb.

Yes. It _is_ a halogen bulb.

> Is there a recommended cleaning procedure???

For the bubl? Clean it with propan-2-ol.

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