VAX 11/780 help needed.

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Sat Sep 18 21:01:03 2004

Hi Pat,

It has been too long for me to remember the specifics of the 780
LSI console, but I do know that you will need a boot floppy -- did
you get one with it? I'm also pretty sure that there is at least
one person on this list which has a 780, but I don't recall if they
have it working or not...

You should be able to determine how much memory is in the console
LSI by examining the cards and then you should be able to modify
that memory and run hand loaded programs in it. Once you know the
LSI is functioning properly, you should be able to run diagnostics
on both the LSI and the VAX from the console LSI, assuming you have
those floppies too.


At 05:03 PM 9/18/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>So, I've got power run now, and am trying to get the machine up and
>running. After I figured out what baud rate it wanted (and reset it
>down to 1200 baud from 1800 baud), I've been trying to figure out a
>So, when I connect a terminal to the console port, all I can get is an
>address: 173002, followed by an "_at_" (the ODT prompt). Trying to examine
>the addresses using ODT fails. So, it looks like the bootstrap PROMs
>are not accessible for some reason. From what I see, it appears that
>they are actually contained on the CIB (Console Interface Board) in the
>KA780 CPU.
>Can anyone verify this, or have any suggestions what I should check? The
>power supply bricks all have their "POWER NORMAL" lighs on, and seemed
>to have a good 5V output from testing with a dummy load and DMM.
>Any ideas? I'm a bit stuck here.
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