VAX 11/780 help needed.

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sat Sep 18 17:03:57 2004

So, I've got power run now, and am trying to get the machine up and
running. After I figured out what baud rate it wanted (and reset it
down to 1200 baud from 1800 baud), I've been trying to figure out a

So, when I connect a terminal to the console port, all I can get is an
address: 173002, followed by an "_at_" (the ODT prompt). Trying to examine
the addresses using ODT fails. So, it looks like the bootstrap PROMs
are not accessible for some reason. From what I see, it appears that
they are actually contained on the CIB (Console Interface Board) in the
KA780 CPU.

Can anyone verify this, or have any suggestions what I should check? The
power supply bricks all have their "POWER NORMAL" lighs on, and seemed
to have a good 5V output from testing with a dummy load and DMM.

Any ideas? I'm a bit stuck here.

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