BBC printer port (ever used for anything else?)

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Date: Sun Sep 19 16:26:58 2004

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>> > Ah yes, that stupid quincuncial DIN plug. Fits both ways up, only 1
>> > works....
>> Just do what I did and solder a db9 onto the pads with flying leads. :D
>> (and
> You mean a DE9, but anyway...
No.. DB.. because that's all I had around :D

>> yes, the DIN plug is still in place and works)
> I'd probably do that on a normal Beeb, but this is an Acorn Cambridge
> Workstation. And while I don't normally worry about modifications, this
> machine is sufficiently rare that I don't want to do anything
> irreversable to it (I don't mind soldering bits on the circuit boards,
> doing the sideways RAM hack, etc, but I don't want to cut holes in it.

I agree however I didnt gcut a hole in the case (it's only a BBC B+ but hey
i'm not a cut n shut merchant :D) I just have it on a flying lead coming out
the beck ventilation slot :D

> I have made up a serial cable anyway, I just have to remember to plug it
> it the right way up.
> I have never figured out the reason for the pinout of the Beeb serial
> port. The Tatung Einstein [1] uses the same connector, but the wiring is
> sane in that turning the plug over swaps TxD with RxD and RTS with CTS,
> thus giving the null-modem swap.

I aint got a clue either. i'd also love to know why they did it that way. as
for recognising which way round to put it up, I used a touch of tape on both
and line them up that way.


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