BBC printer port (ever used for anything else?)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 17:08:03 2004

> >> > Ah yes, that stupid quincuncial DIN plug. Fits both ways up, only 1
> >> > works....
> >> Just do what I did and solder a db9 onto the pads with flying leads. :D
> >> (and
> > You mean a DE9, but anyway...
> No.. DB.. because that's all I had around :D

I have never seen a DB9. That would imply a B-size shell (same as the 25
pin D connector ) with 9 pins. (Yes, OK, several of us have used that
term to refer to a DB25 with only the normal RS232 pins fited (1-8 and
20), but that's not official.

> I agree however I didnt gcut a hole in the case (it's only a BBC B+ but hey
> i'm not a cut n shut merchant :D) I just have it on a flying lead coming out
> the beck ventilation slot :D

There;s no helpful slot on the ACW :-)

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