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From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 18:39:52 2004

>John Lawson wrote:

> > On Sun, 19 Sep 2004, Jim Isbell wrote:
> > If cookies are a worry, do as I do. I run a program called SpyHunter that
> > runs on boot up every time. It then offers to scan my compiuter for Spy
> > Ware. Since that takes some time I usualy opt only for a scan of my cookies.
> > This takes about 2 seconds, no more, and I have a full report on the cookies.
> > Since I have 17 cookies that are legitimate I usualy just look at the count.
> > If it hasnt increased I go on. BUT there is also displayed a list of any
> > dangerous cookies, their properties and who owns them. If the list is blank
> > then all is well. If not I stop and delete the offending cookies. The
> > software is FREE.
> This is a fabulous referral; thank you! I'll check it out as soon as I
> get a moment - much appreciated!
> I do run WindowWasher, but it runs on shut-down, and sometimes my
> machine is on for a day at a time - quite long hours for a laptop that I
> use at the office and at home, too.

Jerome Fine replies:

I am VERY interested. But I run Windows 98 SE in order
to run the E11 PDP-11 emulator. Will SpyHunter and/or
WindowWasher run under Windows 98 SE? If so, is
there a site that I can use to download these 2 programs
and the documentation needed to understand how to use them?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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