Site Privacy issues

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 00:01:53 2004

Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> I am VERY interested. But I run Windows 98 SE in order
> to run the E11 PDP-11 emulator. Will SpyHunter and/or
> WindowWasher run under Windows 98 SE? If so, is
> there a site that I can use to download these 2 programs
> and the documentation needed to understand how to use them?

As has been said before, take a good look at Mozilla Firefox. It's
largely immune to all the scumware that attacks IE (dodgy ActiveX
controls, start page hijacking, blocks popups). Everyone I've
recommended it to has given up on IE except for sites that *must* use IE
- hopefully before long the worse offenders (are you listening,
Halifax/Bank of Scotland and Scottish Power?) get a small amount of clue
and fix their websites.

Might be worth replacing Outlook Express with Mozilla Thunderbird too,
if you use it. Its builtin spam filtering has made my girlfriend's
parents email usable again. Well worth the time to download.

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