Yahoo! News Story - Floppy Disk Becoming Relic of the Past (fwd)

From: Ronald Wayne <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 22:04:59 2004

If the floppy disk disappeared, I would notice (I use them) but would
not care. It is also unfair to say the floppy disk is disappearing
when CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/CD-RWs are serving similar purposes: to distribute
and install software, to exchange data between machines or people, and
to backup data. The main difference is the technology.

Besides, floppy diskettes are not as uniform as the article implies.
They seem to suggest that there are two sizes, then leave it at that.
Well, there were different densities and encodings too. Oh, and there
were more than two physical sizes. (IIRC, 8" and 12" was common.
Then there is all of the similar-but-failed technologies.) I couldn't
care less if they disappeared, because all of those different formats
make it next to impossible to transfer data between different

Now if you were to say that the serial port is disappearing ... well
then I would be concerned.
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