Real PDP11 model question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 22:09:28 2004

>I seem to remember that a DECmate III and the PRO350 are the
>same size and even look similar??? Is this true?

The DECmate II, DEC Professional and the DEC Rainbow all used the
same style case. The DECmate III, and III+ use the same style as the
VAXstation 2000, and some external RZ5* SCSI drives, and the external
TK50 drives.

>Even for RT-11, the full set of DOCs is about as large as a VT100
>and BA23 combined. And that is just the DOCs for RT-11 and
>2 or 3 layered products like FORTRAN.

But when you're like me and have 3 different sets of RT-11 doc's, 1
1/2 sets of RSX-11M doc's, an Ultrix-11 set, a RSTS/E doc set, as
well as a lot of hardware doc's, and a few VMS Doc sets... All this
takes the more space than a few racks!

Of course then there are my 3 racks, various chassis, and boxes of
spare boards.

>Using the emulation solution to run PDP-11 programs will mean,
>at the very least, that software is just as important as the hardware.
>BUT, be aware that it may be necessary to use SIMH in the
>future since E11 is an x86 based solution, as far as I understand,
>unless John Wilson ports E11 to a new platform.

I'm pretty much to the point I agree that Emulation is the best way
to go. It generates less heat and noise, and takes less electricity
and room. In the hobbyist arena, very few people need specialized


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