ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 05:56:10 2004

I was just digging through the box of cards I bought last Friday, and
reading email, and its funny how things go.

Sitting on my desk I have a totally neat Harmonix Hi-Card P8, a PCI card
that I think can talk to 4 primary ISDN lines at once combining them
together for higher bandwidth.Unless there is a secret I don't know about,
this card will never be used again. It fairly makes my collector skin crawl.

At the same time someone asked me if any Token Ring cards were in the
batch, and that started me off looking at Token Ring, and I was a little
shocked to see that Token Ring isn't dead. Madge is still making cards,
there is a huge oversupply of older used cards, but the neatest newest are
also still selling.

Weird aint it?
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