ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

From: Mark Firestone <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 06:47:11 2004

Geeze. Don't talk to me about token ring. I'm coming to the end of
removing it from the company I work at... all IBM and Madge stuff.

Those madge cards ain't cheap neither!

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Subject: ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

> I was just digging through the box of cards I bought last Friday, and
> reading email, and its funny how things go.
> Sitting on my desk I have a totally neat Harmonix Hi-Card P8, a PCI card
> that I think can talk to 4 primary ISDN lines at once combining them
> together for higher bandwidth.Unless there is a secret I don't know about,
> this card will never be used again. It fairly makes my collector skin
> At the same time someone asked me if any Token Ring cards were in the
> batch, and that started me off looking at Token Ring, and I was a little
> shocked to see that Token Ring isn't dead. Madge is still making cards,
> there is a huge oversupply of older used cards, but the neatest newest are
> also still selling.
> Weird aint it?
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