ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Mon Sep 20 12:34:29 2004

Mike Ford <> wrote:

> Sitting on my desk I have a totally neat Harmonix Hi-Card P8, a PCI card
> that I think can talk to 4 primary ISDN lines [...]

Did you say ISDN *Primary* Rate Interface (PRI), the big expensive one
that carries 23 (in North America) or 30 (in Europe) B channels, NOT
the 2B+D Basic Rate Interface (BRI)? So it's basically a channelised
T1/E1 card, right? Do you know if it can do E1 or just T1? If it
can do E1, my friend Stacy Minkin in Uzbekistan was looking for a PCI
channelised E1 card and probably still is. It isn't ISDN, though,
just a channelised E1. He wants to connect an E1 line from their old
municipal telephone switch (classic traditional telephony, pre-ISDN,
pre-other modern innovations) to an Asterisk Linux-based VoIP gateway.

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