ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 16:41:24 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Mike Ford <> wrote:
> > Sitting on my desk I have a totally neat Harmonix Hi-Card P8, a PCI card
> > that I think can talk to 4 primary ISDN lines [...]
> Did you say ISDN *Primary* Rate Interface (PRI), the big expensive one
> that carries 23 (in North America) or 30 (in Europe) B channels, NOT
> the 2B+D Basic Rate Interface (BRI)? So it's basically a channelised
> T1/E1 card, right? Do you know if it can do E1 or just T1? If it
> can do E1, my friend Stacy Minkin in Uzbekistan was looking for a PCI
> channelised E1 card and probably still is. It isn't ISDN, though,
> just a channelised E1. He wants to connect an E1 line from their old
> municipal telephone switch (classic traditional telephony, pre-ISDN,
> pre-other modern innovations) to an Asterisk Linux-based VoIP gateway.

Your best bet for getting something like this is the Booktrout
Technologies RTNI-2E1 (formally produced by Rhetorex). It's got two E1
spans on the card and is very flexible so it should be able to be made to
work in Uzbekistan (it has upgradeable firmware).

Unfortunately, it's an ISA board. Check out their Vantage series which is
all PCI. I'm not sure if they have a Vantage E1 card but probably.

You could also try Dialogic and Natural Microsystems, but Rhetorex (now
Brooktrout) was what I used and they made good products. Dialogic is the
Microsoft of the PC telephony world (lots of marketing hype but mostly
crap products) and NMS were a bunch of snakes. Hssssss.

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