Yahoo! News Story - Floppy Disk Becoming Relic of the Past (fwd)

From: Ronald Wayne <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 19:06:40 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 13:25:35 -0700 (PDT), Fred Cisin <> wrote:
> 12", if it ever existed, was NEVER common.

Okay, I cannot find the original references so I make a retraction.
For what it's worth: the original reference was in the context of
Apple II systems, and both 8" and 12" floppies were mentioned. It was
also second hand information.

> In addition to the physical varieties, there are thousands of physically
> similar disks with mutually incompatible formats.
> YOU might not care, but that is pretty damn insensitive towards those of
> us who DO need and use them.

Sorry for the sweeping, and personal, statement. Nah. I'll retract
that apology too. I am allowed to have my own opinion after all. ;)
To reiterate, I was only concerned about transfering data between
different platforms. The "mutually incompatible formats" is a big
problem there. Splitting files across multiple floppies is also a
pain, because floppies don't have enough capacity in most cases these
days (I will acknowledge that some people may differ on that point).

> > Now if you were to say that the serial port is disappearing ... well
> > then I would be concerned.
> Be converned.
> Be very concerned.
> RS232 serial is disappearing rapidly, usually replaced by USB.

So I've heard. :(
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