Real PDP11 model question

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 19:13:14 2004

On Sep 20, 2004, at 2:39 PM, Jerome H. Fine wrote:

>> Ron Hudson wrote:
>> Were there any PDP11's as small as the DECmate III?
> Jerome Fine replies:
> I asked this question at the bottom of one of my replies,
> but it seems that it has not been addressed at all.
> I presume that even a DECmate III requires a user
> interface (normally called a terminal / monitor+keyboard)
> to be useful!
> Based on that assumption, may the user interface be
> considered as a separate piece of hardware?
> (a) If the answer is yes, then can it also be assumed
> that anything placed inside the terminal does NOT
> add to the overall size?
> (b) If the answer is NO, then can it be assumed that
> the total combination of (terminal + DECmate III) is
> the actual size to be compared?
> Until the above assumptions can be clarified, there
> is no point is trying to decide what is the smallest
> PDP-11. I still contend that is likely to be the VT103,
> but the VT103 might well be larger than a very small
> laptop or other device used as the user interface
> plus the DECmate III.
>> From a rather humorous point of view, the first time
> I demonstrated the use of the VT103 with a hard
> disk drive inside back around 1990 when a plain
> VT100 was still a well known terminal, almost no one
> believed that I could be running a complete PDP-11
> system with what looked (on the outside) as if I had
> just a VT100 INCLUDING a hard disk drive!
> Sincerely yours,
> Jerome Fine
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I have an HP terminal I can use, or I can use my PC laptop with it's
serial port. Whatever I start looking for it should support RSTS/E
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