Intellec 8 Development System

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Date: Tue Sep 21 10:04:36 2004

Looking for some advice on this deal. I found an Intellec 8 with instruction manual, Cassette Tape Unit (Mesonix Automation LTD - model # is listed as "Fitted DCR-3 Tape Unit"), Stand Alone Tape Reader/Transmitter (Addmaster 606)and a Desktop Punch Station (Litton - Sweda International, Inc Roytron 528 Punch).

Seller is quoting two prices, one as-is and the other is "Cleaned and Working" (there is a $1500 difference between the two. I think I'll take my chances and clean it myself...).

I already own an Intellec 4 and thought the 8 would be a nice addition. Not sure what a reasonable price for the whole lot would be. Any comments?


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