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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 12:55:23 2004

On Sep 21 2004, 9:45, Al Kossow wrote:
> > this stuff is HARD to come by
> yup.
> I'm interested as well.
> Where is it located?
> Would suspect the other Big Iron people (Donzelli, Ross) may be
> as well.

Makes me feel pleased I got mine a few years ago (about 200 sq ft). $4
a tile is a good price but do check what condition it's in -- some
types are quite prone to warping if badly stored (unevenly stacked) and
they're worthless if they're warped. Also check the height of the
stanchions, and whether they can be cut down if they're too tall. I
got a local engineering company to cut 70 for me. Lastly, check if
they're vinyl-clad or carpeted. Lifters for carpeted ones are
relatively uncommon and expensive (I discovered this when we lost one
recently and I had quite a task finding a decent replacement), plus
carpeted ones tend to make for more dust and static, to say nothing of
the problems of solder splashes, oily dirt, etc.

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