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Date: Tue Sep 21 13:37:32 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, chris wrote:

> >By the way, for proper context, here's the original message thread from my
> >"customer". I have no idea where he saw that I have Commodore or Okidata
> >printers. But you do realize this does make it on topic, since those are
> >very vintage! :)
> I assume you will fill us in on how this plays out? Or at least point us
> to a web page where you post it?

I'm not going to go the full webpage route unless it becomes truly
interesting. Right now it's just a fun diversion from my otherwise dull,
bland and boring life.

> Oh, and how is your price on just dwibbles? I'm a little shy on them
> myself :-)

For you, only $6.37 each but we only accept payment in the form of
non-fraudulent cashier's checks!

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