Salvaging HP LaserJet Series II

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 19:38:19 2004

> On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 Jim Isbell <> wrote:
> > Subject: Salvaging HP Laser Jet series II
> > I saved anything that had a wire connected to it and put all the
> > plastic, sheet metal and gear trains into the trash on the theory that
> > the gear trains looked tough enough to not be a failure point.
> Those machines have Canon engines that are really long-lived; I have an
> Apple LaserWriter Iig (originally a Iint) which has the same mechanism and
> it's been running (admittedly in light use lately) since October 1989. I
> wonder if anyone on the list has any kind of teardown instructions or

Sure, they come apart from the top down. Take off the casing first (there
are screws rounf the outside, a bracket at the left end of the fuser,
etc). Unplug the cable going to the LED panel (Apple version).

Take off the front frame round the paper tray hole (6 screws IIRC), and
the gear covers (1 screw each). Take out the fuser (I told you how to do
this last week). Tke out the DC power supply (Unplug the motor cable, 3
screws, pull it up and out), the AC block (a ferw screws, pull it up and
out) and the EHT PSU (4 screwsm, 2 on the PSU, 2 on the connector block).

Take out the scanner -- undo the screw on top, free the pickup fibre-optic
cable, flip open the flap and unplug the 2 electrical cables under it,
then removet the 4 corner screws and lift t out, Don;t lose the shims
under it.

Take out the pickup roller (1 screw on each bearing).

Take out the motor and primary drive (a few screws).

I don;t normally have to go any further, but IIRC all the remaining
screws are obvious.

> lubrication instructions for these machines - mine sounds as if it can use a
> greasing when it's feeding paper - not a screeching sound but is sounds as
> if something's running dry in there. It's never been taken apart and Apple's
> hardbound book on the LW II doesn't give this kind of information. I'd hate
> to slop the wrong lube in the wrong place and damage this old workhorse as
> it enters its 16th year of service.

There are 4 lubricants I use :

(Electrolube) Special Plastic Grease on the plastic bearings on things
like the pickup roller. You want something that's sfae on plastics here.

High melting point grease on the gear trains

Graphite grease on the earthing brush in the fuser.

Light machine oil on the sintered bearings in the gears and in the fan units.

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