Salvaging HP LaserJet Series II

From: Seth Lewin <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 14:49:02 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 Jim Isbell <> wrote:

> Subject: Salvaging HP Laser Jet series II

> I saved anything that had a wire connected to it and put all the
> plastic, sheet metal and gear trains into the trash on the theory that
> the gear trains looked tough enough to not be a failure point.

Those machines have Canon engines that are really long-lived; I have an
Apple LaserWriter Iig (originally a Iint) which has the same mechanism and
it's been running (admittedly in light use lately) since October 1989. I
wonder if anyone on the list has any kind of teardown instructions or
lubrication instructions for these machines - mine sounds as if it can use a
greasing when it's feeding paper - not a screeching sound but is sounds as
if something's running dry in there. It's never been taken apart and Apple's
hardbound book on the LW II doesn't give this kind of information. I'd hate
to slop the wrong lube in the wrong place and damage this old workhorse as
it enters its 16th year of service.

Seth Lewin
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