Snopes on Ken Olsen

From: Tony Eros <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 09:03:39 2004

That brought to mind the story of the Cyrillic message included on the CVax

        Vax -- when you care enough to steal the very best

-- Tony

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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Sokolov <> writes:

 Michael> Tom Jennings <> wrote:
>> > Soviet BK0010, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ----> COOL! :-)

 Michael> Are you familiar with it? I never thought its very
 Michael> existence was known anywhere outside the former USSR! I
 Michael> mean it wasn't secret or anything, just something I can't
 Michael> imagine anyone else knowing about (USSR wasn't exactly a
 Michael> computer exporter :-). Well, OK, there was some Eastern
 Michael> Bloc computer technology that was significant enough to be
 Michael> at least known in the West (Robotron for example), but I
 Michael> can't imagine something as little as BK0010 being known
 Michael> anywhere in the West.

I have somewhere a copy of an marketing flyer from a company in
Vilnius (forgot the name) that was building VAX clones. It's mostly
in Lithuanian and Russian, with summaries in German and English.

I think I got that when that company sent some people to DEC to try to
get DEC to buy some of their stuff, or outsource work to them, or
something along those lines. DEC looked at them and decided that
doing business with the russian mafia was not a good plan...

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