Site Privacy issues

From: Geoffrey Thomas <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 09:25:13 2004

Use mailwasher to bounce all the spam and it soon reduces to a useable
level - makes them think your email address is redundant.


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> Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> > I am VERY interested. But I run Windows 98 SE in order
> > to run the E11 PDP-11 emulator. Will SpyHunter and/or
> > WindowWasher run under Windows 98 SE? If so, is
> > there a site that I can use to download these 2 programs
> > and the documentation needed to understand how to use them?
> >
> As has been said before, take a good look at Mozilla Firefox. It's
> largely immune to all the scumware that attacks IE (dodgy ActiveX
> controls, start page hijacking, blocks popups). Everyone I've
> recommended it to has given up on IE except for sites that *must* use IE
> - hopefully before long the worse offenders (are you listening,
> Halifax/Bank of Scotland and Scottish Power?) get a small amount of clue
> and fix their websites.
> Might be worth replacing Outlook Express with Mozilla Thunderbird too,
> if you use it. Its builtin spam filtering has made my girlfriend's
> parents email usable again. Well worth the time to download.
> Gordon.
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