Real PDP11 model question

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 10:00:24 2004

>Ron Hudson wrote:

> I am currently running simh on both my Macintosh iBook and a
> no name clone PC running Linux (redhat 7.0). The Linux box has
> the added ability of being available for telnet (thanks Ashley C.)
> Is Ersatz-11 better than simh?

Jerome Fine replies:

E11 is normally about 10 times the speed of SIMH. The hobby
version runs under either Windows or Linux. VT100 emulation
is built into E11, unlike SIMH which briefly (V9-11) also
included VT100 that mostly worked, but was mainly missing
the GOLD key!

Because of my requirement for 132 character text lines under
VT100 editing (because I use MACRO-11 listings), only
Windows 98 SE is able to provide this feature. In addition,
I use the "Full" (Commercial) version of E11 which allows
direct access to raw SCSI drives, although this latter feature
is no longer needed now that I can "see" the first 64 blocks
of a CD media on the DVD drive that I use. Thus E11 can:
MOUNT DU0: CDROMi: (i: is the drive letter)
This assumes, of course, that the first 64 blocks of the CD
can be read. If not, it is always possible to use the image file
of the CD (ISO file is available to burn the CD) and MOUNT
the ISO file under E11 as a file on the hard disk.

For 13 versions of RT-11 from V01-15 to V05.03:
the file is which expands to 4 RT-11

I don't know which of the other Windows operating system
flavours will also work to some extent, but I suspect that
most will have a few problems.

If you try RT-11 under the Linux box, I would VERY
much appreciate some feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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