Real PDP11 model question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 11:23:49 2004

> Jerome> E11 is normally about 10 times the speed of SIMH. The hobby
> Jerome> version runs under either Windows or Linux. VT100 emulation
> Jerome> is built into E11, unlike SIMH which briefly (V9-11) also
> Jerome> included VT100 that mostly worked, but was mainly missing the
> Jerome> GOLD key!
> Jerome> Because of my requirement for 132 character text lines under
> Jerome> VT100 editing (because I use MACRO-11 listings), only Windows
> Jerome> 98 SE is able to provide this feature.
>You can also do this in the Linux version. You just have to use xterm
>invoked with the right switches.
> paul

And a properly configured xterm has a properly functioning keyboard.
Given the choice between the two emulators, I'd much rather use E11,
but as a hobbyist that can't afford a full version of E11, I tend to
use SIMH for most things. SIMH also has the advantage of running on
my Mac, which is good since these days I rarely have another Unix box
up and running.


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