archiving as opposed to backing up

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 09:10:45 2004

At 08:29 PM 9/21/2004, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>I'd like to, since even at the lowest service level (5GB) I think the
>$9.95 per month charge is a bit much, at least for a cheap bastard like
>me. I'm not sure how secure Samba is but it would be relatively
>straight-forward to setup something like this on a Linux server. A quick
>web search indicates the latest versions of Samba have security features.

With all the p2p crud out there today, I wonder why no one's made
a dirt-simple way for Joe User to share filesystems over the net
with friends at the folder or drive-letter level. Shouldn't I be
able to drop a file in a folder of a trusted friend?

- John
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