(OT) archiving as opposed to backing up

From: Patrick/VCM SysOp <patrick_at_vintagecomputermarketplace.com>
Date: Wed Sep 22 15:19:51 2004

> We make them, and our customers use them. 14 drive building
> blocks, which combine into groups for bigger configurations
> (more space, more speed). 4 unit groups (16 TB) are common.
> We have run internal tests quite a lot larger than that.

Cool! Thank you, Paul!!!

> Some people would like you to believe that iSCSI and SATA are
> only for the low end. Don't believe them, it's not true.

We give Service Level Agreements to our customers, and so I for one don't
really care about what's considered low-end or high-end. I care about what
woks in my environment and doesn't make me drive to the facility at 2am (and
stay until the following 2am). We've got some of the so-called "high-end"
gear, and it's not that reliable, expensive to keep on maintenance, and the
manufacturer is unpleasant to deal with (they'll kill themselves to sell you
a unit, but the post-sales support experience is completely different).

Of course, the fact that I can get an SATA drive at my local CompUSA, where
they don't sell anything SCSI, let alone SCA, is an attractive notion.

Thanks for the tip/info!
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