GMail Invitations

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 21:33:47 2004

They had/have a certain cachet (to borrow a phrase I recently read) and
demand outstripped supply for a while. I'm not sure if that's still the
case, but it is free email with 1 GB of storage. I've already given away
half of the ones I offered under an hour ago.

They were selling/trading on Craigslist for a while but I haven't
checked lately. I don't know if anyone bothered with eBay.

I think that an account is considered the opposite of an account as far as coolness goes! :)

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On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Erik S. Klein wrote:

> I've got a dozen of the same and have the same offer.
> First come, first served. Just drop me an email with your name and a
> contact email address (if different from the one you're emailing me
> from)

Are these in high demand or something? Of what benefit are they? Can I
buy some on eBay?

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